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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Resistance is futile

Download the Operation Flashpoint: Resistance demo

Codemasters have released a new single player demo for their latest Operation Flashpoint expansion pack. Resistance is set several years prior to the original Operation Flashpoint, acting as a prequel in which you play a retired special forces soldier trying to put an end to the Soviet occupation of the islands you have made your home. The pack features a whole new campaign with twenty missions as well as a brand new island to fight over, more detailed models and textures, several new weapons, enhanced network code and extra multiplayer missions. Thanks to our friends at the blueyonder multiplayer gaming service, the 78Mb demo is now available to download right here on EuroGamer. Included are a pair of exclusive missions set on the new island of Nogova, along with a selection of the new weapons your men will get to play with in Resistance. Related Feature - Operation Flashpoint: Resistance screenshots

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