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Activision and Gungrave best PALs

Anime-inspired action game reaches Europe

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Activision have announced that they will be publishing Gungrave in the PAL territories of Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Developed in Japan by Red Entertainment and Yasuhiro Nightow, creator of the bizarre anime series Trigun, the cel-shaded action game is promising a combination of over-the-top battles and spectacular cutscenes as players take on the role of an undead assassin who carries a coffin full of heavy weapons around on his back Django-style. Sadly all we've seen of the game so far are some horribly mangled screenshots that make it look like second-rate PSOne budget tat, but we expect that it's somewhat more impressive in real life. Either way, we should know for sure soon, as the game is expected to arrive on our shores this winter. Related Feature - Gungrave screenshots

Grave opens up a coffin full of whupass

Source - press release

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