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Westka look for cash injection

Y-Project developers declare insolvency, but remain open for business

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has announced that it will be starting insolvency proceedings in court tomorrow, having run into problems finding financing to keep the company afloat while a publishing deal was finalised for its latest game. The Köln based studio is currently working on a highly promising Unreal engined action-adventure game called The Y-Project, as well as another as-yet unannounced title. Reports of the company's troubles first emerged on German gaming sites this morning, but having spoken to Westka's head of marketing Ingo Horn, we're happy to report that the situation may not be quite as terminal as it initially sounded. Westka's cash flow is apparently secured for the next three months, and the entire staff should remain employed until at least the end of September. Beyond that the future is less certain, but in the meantime work continues in an effort to find new investors to ensure the company's survival. Hopefully Westka can find the funding it needs, and we can all look forward to playing The Y-Project next year... Related Feature - Y-Project preview

An early shot of The Y-Project, which we got our first glimpse of just a few months ago.

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