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Mario on October 4th and more

Star Fox, Eternal Darkness, Doshin the Giant, Mario Party 4, Wario World - European dates

Nintendo has shipped one million GameCubes to European retailers, apparently, and to celebrate, they're letting us know when some of its most eagerly anticipated titles are due out. Obviously the most interesting news is that Super Mario Sunshine will be with us on October 4th. Already available in Japan (and the reason this writer didn't sleep much this weekend), and due out in the US in late August, European gamers are being forced to wait only just over a month, which makes a change from the usual six. Nintendo hasn't stopped there though. September 20th will welcome the release of Doshin the Giant, a Japanese delicacy with a streak of Black & White running through it, and November will showcase Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem on the 1st, Star Fox Adventures on the 22nd, Mario Party 4 on the 29th, and the mysterious Wario World will be with us on December 6th. Equally encouraging, but less specific, is the news that WaveBird and Memory Card 251 will be released in Europe this year. Hopefully before long Nintendo will establish precisely when.