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Ubi Soft X-Isled

French publisher grabs another tactical shooter

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Ubi Soft have announced that they will be publishing Far Cry, the game-formerly-known-as-X-Isle, some time late next year. Developed by Germany's Crytek (best known to date for their GeForce tech demos, featuring reflective dinosaurs stomping around a forest), it's a tactical first person shooter set amongst the beautiful Polynesian islands. Which certainly makes a nice change from your traditional Quake-style space base and gothic techno settings. Given their past work it's no surprise that eye candy ranks high on the agenda, but Crytek are also promising us advanced team-based AI, realistic physics and stunning sound effects to help immerse the player in the game. With any luck we should see the results in about a year, but in the meantime we have a few early screenshots to keep you occupied. Related Feature - Far Cry screenshots

Don't blame it on the sunshine...

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