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Tribes veterans Drift away

Squad shooter in development at new studio

Last year saw the acrimonious implosion of Dynamix, with owners Sierra unexpectedly shutting the doors on the studio and laying off most of the staff, just a few months after rush releasing Tribes 2 in a disgraceful bug-festooned state. It seems that not everybody was willing to let go though, as earlier this week a group of Dynamix veterans unveiled their new development studio, Ozo Interactive. Reuniting several senior programmers, artists and engineers from the Tribes 2 team with the game's designer and art director, the company is already setting about developing a new squad based multiplayer shooter dubbed Metal Drift. As you would expect, the game will feature a mixture of armoured suits and vehicles, and looks likely to pick up where Tribes left off. No doubt we'll be hearing a lot more about this one in future.

Source - press release (thanks Zdim)