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Jap dev plans cel-shaded anime flight sim

Xbox-only by the looks of it – another score for Uncle Bill!

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Japanese Xbox owners could finally be seeing things turn their way, what with Murakumo out this week and the announcement today of another Japanese developer's plans for the console. Aquasystem has announced that it will create an Xbox title based on Chouhei Kambayashi's Sentou Yousei Yukikaze anime, which roughly translates to Fighting Fairy Blizzard according to IGN (chortle). Fighting Fairy Blizzard is actually a fairly serious anime about humanity's fight against an invading force called JAM [it's obvious that they want to be taken seriously, anyway -Ed], and will see players piloting fighter jets Independence Day-style in a lovely cel-shaded game engine. The anime itself - that's Fighting Fairy Blizzard versus JAM in case anybody missed it - is due out in Japan at the end of August, and although the game doesn't have a release date yet, it's yet more good news for Microsoft in Japan. Will wonders never cease?

Source - IGN

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