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LMA Manager 2003 on Xbox

Do I not like that? Oh look, San Marino just scored!

Codemasters is to release its PS2 footy management sim, LMA Manager, on Xbox in the guise of an updated 2003 edition this October. In a press release which describes the game as "leagues ahead of any PC conversion", which is a pretty far-fetched claim given the quality of the Xbox conversion of Championship Manager, LMA Manager 2003 is introduced as a fresh set of legs, with a fundamentally new design, tweaked controls and the ability to shout stuff at players from the dugout. Of course there will be lots of statistics to pore over, with 720 European clubs from 28 countries with a total of 17,000 players in the game, and the ability to run more simultaneous leagues than its main competitor, although not quite to the same level of detail. Codemasters will be hoping that analysis and comment from Gary Lineker and Alan Hansen will also contribute to the game's success when it arrives this October, and thanks to the Xbox's handy hard disk, the game should be a lot smoother and more detailed than its predecessor on PlayStation 2. Related Feature - Championship Manager Season 01/02 review (Xbox)

Source - press release