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Mega Man hits GBA

As opposed to various pseudo-Mega Men

Capcom has combined an old 16-bit title from the Mega Man franchise with GBA, to produce what might arguably be viewed as one of the least surprising game announcements in recent history! However, fans of the Mega Man series will no doubt be pleased to hear that it's Rockman & Forte being ported and not another of the endless X series of games. (Rockman of course being Mega Man's Japanese pseudonym, and Forte being a black-suited fellow of a similar background.) Rockman & Forte is due out in Japan this August 10th according to XenGamers, and it charts the exploration of a number of familiar levels and a climactic encounter with the evil Dr. Willy. However, the game was famous for including some of the best levels in the series, so assuming it appears in the West, it should prove slightly more enjoyable than another by-the-numbers 16-bit port. Still, if you don't like Mega Man, this is unlikely to change that.

Source - XenGamers