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Cube gets an Omen

Eidos announces a Cube port of Blood Omen 2

Eidos is to bring Blood Omen 2, the most recent addition to the Legacy of Kain series, to the GameCube this autumn. Although it is not yet clear whether or how the Cube version will differ from its PS2 and Xbox counterparts, the odds are on it being a pretty straight port of the PS2 version. For those of you unfamiliar with it, Blood Omen 2 was designed by Crystal Dynamics, and starts off with a weakened Kain fighting to reclaim rule of Nosgoth, by slicing, dicing and generally being unpleasant to its citizens. Oddly, the game sits somewhere in the middle of the Legacy of Kain pack, but we've lost all track of what's going on with that franchise these days. Nevertheless, those interested in story-driven action games with lots of puzzling and vicious slaughter would do well to keep an eye on it! Related Feature - Blood Omen II screenshots (Cube)

Kain on the Cube - spot the difference

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