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New PSO PC demo

Update - look in the mirror!

Sega's Phantasy Star Online may have been grabbing headlines for its exploits on the GameCube of late, with the game's release date swinging around like a demented pendulum, but lest we forget that a PC version of the game is also underway. With this in mind, Sega has today released a new demo of the game to the Japanese market, but this being the Internet, a bit of creative thinking will quickly uncover its whereabouts. Shove a Babelfish in your ear and head over to this page (or, via the miracle of my bothering to connect the two, you could go direct). From there, it's up to you. Veterans of the Dreamcast version shouldn't have too much difficulty finding their way around the interface and early levels, but virgins or casual fans might want to give it a miss - it's quite text-heavy in places. Update - cripes, a file mirror. Useful if you can't seem to coax the demo setup file out of Sega's official page. Related Feature - Phantasy Star Online Episodes I & II preview (Cube)

Source - Sega (thanks Slim)