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Project Zero Xbox-bound

PS2 survival horror title set to appear on Bill’s ‘box

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Tecmo's Project Zero (nee Fatal Frame) will be released on Xbox as well as PlayStation 2, various sources are reporting this week. For those of you unfamiliar, Project Zero plunges you into the role of a young lass named Miyu, whose job it is to rescue her brother from a haunted mansion. Unlike its contemporaries, Project Zero is famed for its almost Pokémon Snap-esque approach to spectres, with Miyu subduing otherworldly types with a trusty camera. There are virtually no details of the Xbox game doing the rounds other than its existence, but it seems likely that, as with the PS2 version, Wanadoo will be taking up the publishing honours. The PS2 version - already out in the US and Japan - will be debuting this September in Europe priced £29.99. Related Feature - Project Zero preview (PS2)

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