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Ghosts recon consoles

More details on PS2 and Xbox ports

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Although Microsoft mistakenly announced Ghost Recon as an "Xbox exclusive" way back at their European pre-launch party X01, the game was (as expected) released on PC first. Console versions are at long last on the way though, and the good news is that they will include the eight levels from the excellent Desert Siege add-on pack as well as the 15 levels from the original game. Newcomers to the genre can also enjoy the benefits of "assistance" mode, with optional auto-aim, auto-reload and an enemy indicator to help you make it to the end in one piece while you learn the ropes. Ghost Recon is due out on PS2 and Xbox some time in mid-October, but in the meantime we have some fresh shots from the PS2 version, which look somewhat more impressive than the first batch released at E3. Related Feature - Ghost Recon screenshots (PS2)

The hills are alive with the sound of gunfire

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