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Dam Busters take to the skies

A Combat Flight Simulator add-on with a difference

Cambridge based aviation specialists Just Flight have been quietly churning out flight simulators and add-on packs for the last five years, and August marks the release of their latest such effort. Co-created with Blue Arrow, The Dam Busters is a fairly self-explanatory expansion pack for Microsoft's Combat Flight Simulator 2 which will allow players to recreate the legendary attack on the Moehne Dam using bouncing bombs. As well as the eponymous reservoir demolition duty, the pack also includes 19 other historical raids carried out by 617 squadron during the Second World War, with Lancaster, Wellington and Mosquito aircraft on offer. The whole thing will set you back about £25, and should be on sale some time in August.

We'd imagine this one won't be too popular in the Ruhr valley

Source - press release