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Conflict : Desert Sequels

Updated - SCi rack up two more special forces games

The new Gulf War tactical action game Conflict : Desert Storm isn't even out yet, but SCi are apparently so confident of its success that they have already signed up Pivotal Games to develop two more games in the series. First up will be Conflict : Desert Sabre, a direct sequel to the first game featuring SAS and Delta Force teams fighting deep inside Iraq during Operation Desert Shield. The game will apparently be loosely based on a book called Sabre Squadron, and is due out next autumn. Following in the autumn of 2004 will be the catchily titled Conflict : Missing Presumed Dead, which shares little but its title with the previous two games. This one will be set during the Vietnam war in 1968, following four US soldiers caught behind rapidly expanding enemy lines during the notorious Tet Offensive. SCi are promising "an epic journey reminiscent of Apocalypse Now", which is certainly setting their goals high. In the meantime gamers can still look forward to the arrival of Conflict : Desert Storm on PC, PlayStation 2 and Xbox this September, with a GameCube version following later in the year. In the first game in this burgeoning series you will take control of a squad of elite British SAS or American Delta Force troops, going behind enemy lines in the early stages of the Gulf War to disrupt communications and supply routes and take out Scud missile launchers. We should know soon whether the announcement of the sequels in a press release euphemistically titled "new products in the highly successful Conflict series" is an act of extreme optimism or justified high expectations... Related Features - Conflict : Desert Storm screenshots (Xbox)

The SAS look set to return to the desert

Source - AFXpress / press release (thanks Nicholas Witcomb)