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Japan gets Resident Demo

But how about Europe?

Japanese gamers always seem to get a better deal than us, and this is one of those stories. In a special promotion, from early August Capcom will be issuing Resident Evil 0 demo discs to Japanese gamers who pre-order the title, and to those who purchase the original Cube release of Resident Evil. Unfortunately, Capcom Eurosoft told us this morning that the same deal would not be arranged for Europe, although they couldn't speak for the US. Still, those of you hopped up on a desire for the Cube version of Resident Evil don't have long to wait now - the game is due out on September 13th, just in time for spook season, and as recently revealed, all of Capcom's Cube games will feature 60Hz modes, including Resi. There, that's not so bad now, is it? Related Feature - Resident Evil preview (Cube)