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No 2D War

Romanian RTS goes fully 3D

Since we last spoke to Romanian developers AMC Creation, their oddly titled real-time strategy game No Name War has undergone something of a metamorphosis. Previously it looked somewhat reminiscent of Total Annihilation, with polygonal units battling over a more or less two dimensional map from an overhead view. In recent months though the developers have switched over to a new fully 3D graphics engine, taking it closer to Earth 2150 territory in the visuals department. The first screenshots of the revamped game have just been released and they're quite impressive, with nicely detailed buildings and units, undulating terrain and some rather neat looking palm trees. On the gameplay front, AMC are still promising large scale battles with a wide range of ground, sea and air units, as well as the traditional RTS tech tree to develop your way through and numerous buildings to construct at your home base. No Name War is now expected to be complete some time towards the end of this year, although AMC and their agents at Octagon are still looking for a publishing deal. We'll keep you posted, but in the meantime why not check out the latest screenshots of the game and then head over to the AMC website to find out more? Related Feature - No Name War screenshots

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