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Voodoo Spirit

More Caribbean pirates on the way

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Piracy seems to be back in style at the moment, with Pirates : The Legend Of Black Kat already laying at anchor on next generation consoles and the Tropico sequel set to go all swashbuckling in the near future as well. Now you can add another peg-legged strategy game to that list in the form of Voodoo Islands. Developed in the renowned pirate stronghold of Stuttgart by fresh-faced development studio SPIRIT, the game will put you in the boot(s) of a pirate captain fighting against cannibals, Conquistadors and rival pirates in search of fame, fortune and a nice embroidered eye patch. Probably. Along the way you will get to to engage in ship-to-ship combat, board captured ships, search for hidden treasure on mysterious desert islands and master voodoo magic. The PC version of Voodoo Islands will be jolly rogering its way on to shelves in the British Isles and across the European main in November, with a PlayStation 2 port expected to follow some time next year. Will it be worth a closer look, or is it destined for a keel hauling? We should know soon, but in the meantime feast your eyes on these early screenshots. Related Feature - Voodoo Islands screenshots

Yo ho ho and a bottle of Malibu. Or something...

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