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Lara scores LSO

Abbey Road session for Tomb Raider soundtrack

Work began yesterday on recording the soundtrack for the new Tomb Raider, with the promise of a darker more mature feel for the game and its music alike. The session took place at the legendary Abbey Road studio in London, and Jill de Jong, the latest in a long line of Lara Croft models, was on hand to "inspire" the 82 members of the London Symphony Orchestra. Unfortunately the photographs taken at the unlikely meeting of model and musicians show that most of them were too busy pissing themselves laughing to actually play the score, while one poor woman cellist in the front row appears to have burst into tears when confronted by the skimpily clad Lara look-alike trying to conduct the orchestra. "To bring together one of the world's most famous heroines and one of the world's best orchestras in such a famous setting as the Abbey Road studios has been incredible", according to Core composer Peter Connelly, who went on to explain that he had chosen the oboe, core anglais, harp and flute to represent Lara in the musical score. Given that the game takes Lara from Prague to the back streets of Paris, perhaps a French horn would have been more appropriate? [Steady on - Ed] Hopefully somebody managed to drag Lara away from the baton and mixing desk long enough to get some actual work done yesterday, in which case we should hear the end results when the game is released on PC and PlayStation 2 in November.

Watch out duck, you could take someone's eye out with that.


- Tomb Raider : Angel Of Darkness screenshots

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