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Starmageddon meets its maker

Lemon Interactive renames RTS to avoid confusion with Carmageddon

Although most human beings are perfectly capable of distinguishing between two relatively similar monikers, apparently lawyers and marketing people are not, and it is for these reasons that Polish real-time strategy game Starmageddon: Project Earth has been stripped of its original European title. However, the game was to be called Project Earth in the US and Canada anyway. The now shortened Project Earth (which doesn't sound like any of the other million and one games called Project Something, of course), will be available in August of this year on the PC, priced £29.99. Developers Lemon Interactive and publisher Mindscape are determined not to have their game confused with SCi's ancient and long since awful Carmageddon series. Fortunately, since nobody was confused to begin with, there won't be a problem. Related Feature - Starmageddon Project Earth screenshots

Source - press release