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Kingdom Under Fire 2 trailer

Download the first in-game footage of this 3D action-strategy epic

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Phantagram's impressive line-up turned heads at the E3 trade show in Los Angeles a couple of months back, with the first in-game footage of their 3D strategy sequel Kingdom Under Fire 2 : The Crusaders amongst the highlights. To date that E3 trailer hasn't been available online, but today we are happy to announce that you can exclusively download it right here on EuroGamer, courtesy of our friends at Telewest blueyonder. The three and a half minute long trailer shows a variety of in-game action, from spectacular fireball attacks and archers letting loose volleys of arrows, to chaotic hand-to-hand combat and shots of your army charging around the battlefield on its way to a fight. The setting is a battle between humans and orcs which rages across rolling hills and through forests, with the sword-wielding knight Gerald and his scantily clad sidekick Ellen leading their forces against a horde of greenskins headed by a huge ogre. To see the results for yourself, download the trailer, available in large and small versions for the bandwidth impaired -

download 62Mb high quality trailer

download 14Mb low quality trailer

Both versions are encoded with the DivX codec, which you can find here if you don't already have it. While you're waiting for all that to download, why not read our brand new Kingdom Under Fire 2 preview, which will give you some background on the game and get you in the right mood. We also have some exclusive new screenshots of the game in action for you to feast your eyes on.

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