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Kojima offers information of Substance

Find out more about Snake’s forthcoming PS2, Xbox and PC adventure

Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance has continued down the rocky road to release this week with chief designer Hideo Kojima fleshing out some of the game's finer details for the first time since E3. Speaking to Japanese gaming mag Hyper-PS2, Kojima-san confirmed that Substance will have four principle modes; an updated single player adventure, alternative missions, VR missions and new Snake adventures. There will be more than 100 alternative missions and more than 200 VR missions with a number of different characters and all of the tricks and amusing tweaks demonstrated in the E3 trailer on offer. Snake in a tuxedo for example, or Raiden with a samurai sword [hopefully committing seppuku -Ed]. The fourth gameplay mode is sure to inspire a lot of chit-chat on message boards the world over, and it focuses squarely on the adventures of Solid Snake. After depriving us of our hero for most of the eagerly anticipated adventure, Kojima-san has decided to give us a number of medium-length stories ranging from comedy to hard-boiled drama, with proper narratives and the return of popular characters from Metal Gears past. The Evolution Skateboarding crossover is still set to be in place, although Kojima-san wouldn't be drawn on too many details and it seems to be more of a Konami in-joke than a proper gameplay addition, but we shall have to wait and see. Related Feature - Metal Gear Solid 2 review (PS2)

Source - XenGamers