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GameBoy Advance gets Tricky

EA continues to demonstrate how tricky it can be to rock a rhyme

SSX Tricky has claimed the lives of millions of young adults. Unfortunately, this addictive menace has swept society without a thought for the little ones it leaves behind. And now the home wrecking looks set to continue with an eminently portable GameBoy Advance version courtesy of handheld conversion specialists Visual Impact. Those of you unfamiliar with this destructive influence would do well to read our previous articles on the subject, here, here and here. It's a popular peril. The forthcoming handheld release has been crafted using a fully 3D polygon-based engine. Although character models will be replaced by sprites, close to the full complement of SSX trick combinations should be available to each rider (if Visual Impact can come up with a reasonable compromise on the control front - SSX on the PS2 uses four buttons for grabs alone). Graphically it'll look as good as it looks, which is almost impossible to predict - there is talk of some severe clipping in early versions, which doesn't bode well, but to veterans of the game the course layouts will be second nature anyway. Speaking of which, all ten will be present, in race, showoff and practice modes. Tricky is due out Stateside in November, having finally now appeared on PS2, Xbox and Cube all over the planet. There is currently no European release date available from EA, although it would seem daft to hold the game back until after the winter, so expect to see it at the turn of the year or thereabouts. Depending on daftness. Related Feature - SSX Tricky review (Xbox)

Source - IGN

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