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Long read: The beauty and drama of video games and their clouds

"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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What's New?

Enclave, Prisoner Of War and GT Concept amongst this week's releases

While July and August are traditionally quiet for the gaming industry, with publishers following the rather circular logic of not putting out any big new releases because nobody buys games during the summer (probably because there's nothing worth buying), this week bucks the trend with the release of no less than three potentially big titles. Heading up the list is Gran Turismo Concept 2002 Tokyo-Geneva on the PS2. Building on the similarly titled Japanese GT3 spin-off which was released late last year, it sports an array of weird and wonderful concept cars alongside more conventional vehicles. It's not a true sequel by any stretch of the imagination, recycling game engine and tracks alike from its big brother, but fans of the series will no doubt still want a piece of the action, especially at a knock-down price of around £25. Meanwhile Codemasters have burrowed their way under the fence and sneaked off into the night with Prisoner Of War, now out on PS2 and Xbox. For those of you who've been locked in the cooler for the last few months, it's a novel looking game which drops you into a series of famous World War II prison camps such as Stalag Luft and Colditz, and then tasks you with breaking out. Also appearing on Xbox today is Enclave, the splendid looking fantasy action game from Swing and Swedish developers Starbreeze Studios. Aside from the tasteful eye candy, the game also features two campaigns spread across 25 levels, giving you the chance to battle as good or evil with a variety of character classes, weapons, spells and skills on offer. Whether the gameplay can match the graphics remains to be seen, but we'll have a full review for you soon. GameCube owners aren't being left out either, with the arrival of EA Sports' F1 2002 (arguably the best racer to date on the Cube) and retro rehash Gauntlet Dark Legacy. Oh joy. On the handheld front, GameBoy Advance fans can look forward to the old school side-scrolling mayhem of CT Special Forces. And sticking with the counter-terrorist theme, Novalogic's Delta Force spin-off Task Force Dagger is also available this week, providing a somewhat fanciful recreation of the on-going war on terror. The videogame version has you blowing up MIGs and destroying biowarfare facilities in Afghanistan, rather than shooting your own allies or spending weeks wandering around in the mountains without seeing anything more hostile than a mangy old goat. Which is probably a good thing. New Releases - CubeF1 2002Gauntlet Dark LegacyGBACT Special Forces Stuart Little 2 PCDelta Force : Task Force DaggerZoo Tycoon : Dinosaur DigsEdge Of Chaos (budget) PSX Stuart Little 2 PS2GT Concept 2002 Men In Black 2 : Alien Escape Prisoner Of WarSilpheed : The Lost Planet (budget) XboxEnclavePrisoner Of WarRelated Feature - UK Release Date List