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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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New 007 game Pierced

EA welcomes Brosnan to its nuclear family

EA's last excursion into the world of James Bond featured a rather bland generic 007, but we're happy to report that their next adventure, Nightfire, won't suffer from the same problem. Step forward Pierce Brosnan. It's not entirely clear from the vague press release whether or not the big screen Bond will be providing a voice for his videogame counterpart, but we do know that Nightfire will now feature his "likeness", so you will at least look like Bond, James Bond, even if it's not entirely certain that you will sound like him. And to make doubly sure that Bond fans are stirred into buying a copy, the game should arrive in the same month as the secret agent's latest cinematic outing, Die Another Day. Related Feature - Nightfire screenshots (Xbox)

Look, is this a James Bond game or Come Dancing?

Source - press release