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Driver 3 is quite simply happening

But that’s not all! We also know which systems and cities...

Driver 3 is to be released on Xbox, PS2, GameCube and PC, publisher Infogrames has revealed this evening. Not much is known about the game other than its developer, Newcastle-based Reflections, makers of the previous two games in the series. Driver was originally an excellent fully 3D crime caper in the style which GTA3 would eventually claim for its own. After a disappointing sequel which failed to recapture the essence of the original, Driver 3 will be aiming to re-establish itself, and Infogrames will be hoping that Reflections can deliver something to help sooth its wallet troubles. Infogrames recently (and reluctantly) released a video trailer for the game, showcasing the three main locations - Miami, Nice and Istanbul - and introducing us to incredibly detailed streets and cityscapes, although we've learnt our lesson from The Getaway about how to treat these teaser campaigns. Interestingly, Reflections has chosen Miami for one of its locations - which is also obviously the basis for GTA Vice City. One might have expected the developer to try and avoid comparisons with Rockstar's upcoming PS2 release, but by the looks of things, Reflections are bold enough to take them on.

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