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Schumi Kart hits PlayStation

Karting sim to get PSone release next month

Proving once again that rumours of the PlayStation's demise have been greatly exaggerated (as they have been for the last two years, come to think of it), JoWooD have announced that their PC karting sim Michael Schumacher World Kart Racing 2002 will be getting a release on Sony's antique console. Due out on August 30th for the princely sum of £19.99, the PSone port will mirror the PC original, featuring eight tracks and a variety of 100, 125 and 150cc karts to pilot around them, and of course the Regenmeister himself to race against as your ultimate challenge. A two player split-screen mode is also being added for a little (literally) wheel to wheel action. Related Feature - Schumacher Kart Racing screenshots (PC)

Source - press release