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Irem under the sea!

R-Type meets Stingray?

Earlier today, publisher Metro3D announced an aquatic adventure for PS2 owners entitled Sub Rebellion. Normally, when faced with such a strikingly original concept as an underwater combat sim, we leap about in the throes of sheer joy and excitement, but on this occasion we were a bit mute. Fortunately, a quick glance over the obligatory fact sheet revealed that Sub Rebellion is the work of erstwhile R-Type developers Irem Software, and their credentials speak for themselves. Known as -U- Underwater Unit in Japan, Sub Rebellion is an underwater adventure with a detailed near-future storyline. The idea is that in the year 2139, the earth's tectonic plates began to shift, changing the face of the planet, and that by 2145 only two surviving and opposing factions remain; the Melgis Empire and the Alliance Army. By deploying the Clonus attack sub (your ride), the Alliance hopes to "turn the tides on the war". [Ooh, that's a nasty one! -Ed] Clonus will be able to move swiftly and players will be able to bask in dazzling light effects - in essence, Sub Rebellion seems like an aquatic 3D version of R-Types, which isn't exactly bad by any stretch of the imagination. If the oceans of Sub Rebellion teem with hostile encounters, torpedoes, depth charges and surface-launched homing missiles as Irem claim, then it could be one of the first truly defining underwater blasters. Most of the rest have been (how shall we put it?) ... sinkers. Sadly, the fate of Irem's other prospect, the universally acclaimed and deeply innovative Zettai Zetsumei Toshi - a game about escaping an earthquake in Japan - is not so good. Our understanding is that the UK publisher interested in bringing the game to Europe has dropped all attempts to do so, and that Zettai will remain a popular import and nothing more.

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