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Team 17 announces Worms sequel

This isn’t just some sort of Bust-A-Move rip-off either!

Worms. It's been a long time since we've enjoyed their company. Worms 2 was excellent - a cartoony turn-based tour de force, and we obviously loved the original, but after that things got a bit silly. [Sillier than invertebrates with bazookas? -Ed] Worms Armageddon was Worms 2 with a silly interface, although the charm remained and shone through. Worms World Party, on the other hand, was Worms 2.2-and-a-bit, and the joke was starting to wear a little thin - by the time Worms Blast arrived in all its spin-off puzzle mutation boredom, we'd lost interest. Fortunately, Developer Team 17 knows this. They're quite probably sorry. Worms 3, they promise, will be completely redesigned from the ground up, with a new engine, new character animations, a new round of amusing (and hopefully inventive) FMV cutscenes to pop up here and there and all sorts of other foibles. The game is reportedly fully three-dimensional, and the ever-pulsating Worms community has already thrust up an unofficial FAQ with lots of detail. If you think there's a space in your life for some more annelidical shoot 'em ups, then take a gander.

Source - Worms 3 FAQ