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SNK goes mobile

Metal Slug and King Of Fighters coming to Java mobile phones

Owners of the latest generation of Java compatible mobile phones can look forward to playing new versions of Metal Slug, King Of Fighters and Samurai Showdown, thanks to a licensing deal which sees Digital Bridges buying the rights to bring the popular SNK arcade games to a whole new audience. The games will be distributed by more than 40 mobile networks, with a combined reach of around a quarter of a billion users. And although only three games have been announced so far, further SNK mobile phone conversions are apparently possible in future. "Mobile gaming is a very exciting new area for games companies and promises to reach a new and potentially enormous audience, outside the normal console market", according to Ron Czemy of MJ Entertainment, the company that brokered the agreement. "We are very pleased to be working with Digital Bridges to bring many of the SNK-NeoGeo games to a new generation of gamers - and cell phone owners - throughout Europe, North America and Latin America." Related Feature - Java In Your Hands

Source - press release