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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Final Fantasy goes back to basics

Japanese press reports on FF I and II revamps

The Japanese press, led by weekly gaming bible Famitsu, have been hinting at a rebirth for the games that started it all, Final Fantasy I and II. According to various sources, an announcement will be made next week which lands both games on a new format. The current favourites are PlayStation One and GameBoy Advance, and given Squaresoft's penchant for both, it's a little tough to call. Square has already re-released a number of its earlier Final Fantasy efforts on PSone, and even Europe's had a piece of the pie, receiving Final Fantasy VI (£9.99) and Final Fantasy Anthology (comprising FFs IV and V, priced £19.99). On the other hand, Square is currently working on a Final Fantasy Tactics conversion for the GBA, and with that complete the team could happily start work on further handheld conversions.