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CDV returns to Combat duty

Combat Mission 2 due in Europe this September

German publisher CDV has signed another World War II game to its line-up, this time in the form of turn-based strategy sequel Combat Mission 2 : Barbarossa To Berlin. As the title suggests, the focus has been shifted to the eastern front, taking players from the invasion of Russia in June 1941 through to the fall of Berlin in May 1945. Building on the popular gameplay of the original, the sequel will sport an even wider range of units, a greatly improved graphics engine, a range of new weather effects and a more user-friendly and comprehensive interface. The editing tools have been given an overhaul as well, making it easier for fans of the series to add to the ten mini-campaigns and fifty historical battles included in the new game. Combat Mission 2 is expected on shelves across Europe this September, which strikes us a bit late in the year to launch an invasion of Russia, but there you go. In the meantime, would-be panzer generals can admire some early recon shots of the game in action and start laying their plans. Related Feature - Combat Mission 2 screenshots

Make hay not war

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