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Racing Legends go West

West Racing working on innovative new motor racing sim

Although it appears that the highly anticipated World Sports Cars game may now have been retired, there is a silver lining to this particular cloud, as developers West Racing have unveiled a brand new project - Racing Legends. To call it ambitious would be an understatement of epic proportions; the West brothers are apparently setting out to create a kind of episodic motor racing sim, with a core game which will then be extended and improved over time. Expansion packs would include everything from new features such as real-time telemetry and interactive pit stops to new tracks, cars and championships. Plans are already afoot for the game to cover everything from rallying and hill climbs to drag racing and the golden years of Formula One, with players able to pick and choose which events and features they're interested in and upgrade their game accordingly. To make these add-on packs more attractive, they will come in fancy presentation packs complete with new pages for your manual, which can be slotted into a selection of Racing Legends binders, ranging from plain plastic to embossed leather. The add-on code itself will appear on a lovingly printed e-Card, while those of us with slot loading CD-Rom drives will be glad to hear that more conventional round versions of the discs should be available as well. Racing Legends is certainly an interesting concept, aiming to turn a videogame into a collector's item for hardcore motor racing sim fanatics. As such it's really aimed at a fairly niche market and will only be available via the developer's website and at some real-world motor sports events. Sadly the pricing is likely to reflect this, although this is one subject that the West Racing website remains remarkably reticent about. Indeed, at this stage details on the game are thin on the ground and the nearest we have to screenshots are renders of a couple of cars, but no doubt all will become clear soon, with an initial release expected before the end of this year.

Retro racing?

Source - West Racing (thanks Games Faction)

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