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Chessmaster turns 9000

Yet another installment in the best-selling chess series on the way

Although the developers have skipped a few numbers on the way to Chessmaster 9000, it's fair to say that the series has a long history behind it. And with over five million copies sold along the way, apparently making it the best selling franchise in chess videogame history, there's no doubt somebody out there eagerly anticipating the latest version. Due out this autumn, the new game will add 3D graphics to the mix, which from past experience tends to be a bit gratuitous for a chess game - the good old fashioned 2D boards are always the easiest ones to play on. Naturally there will once again be a vast selection of tutorials and background information (two CDs worth, no less) on offer to introduce inexperienced players to the joys of chess, while the AI is also capable of giving more advanced players something to think about. At the end of the day though it's chess - how exciting can it be?

Castling, Chessmaster 9000 style [You're fired - Ed]

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