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Godzilla Advance?

Introducing the real pocket monster

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Not satisfied with ripping up entire cities on the GameCube with the funky looking Godzilla : Destroy All Monsters Melee, Infogrames have announced that Japan's most famous radioactive monster will be stomping his way on to the GameBoy Advance this autumn. Titled Godzilla : Domination, the new game will mirror the GameCube incarnation by letting one to four players take control of their favourite Toho monster and beat the living daylights out of each other, fighting their way across an isometric city. Naturally there will be a full range of traditional beat 'em up modes on offer for solo or group gaming. Story gives you control of one monster and sets you the task of defeating the other five to unlock a final mystery opponent. Survival pits you against a flood of monsters to see how many you can beat before you fall. Custom lets you set up a single battle between any two monsters for settling those inevitable late night "Godzilla could take Gamera with one arm tied behind his back" arguments. And then there's the multiplayer options, which allow up to four people to battle it out, although if you only have one cartridge between you everyone will be stuck with the same monster. Godzilla is due out on Infogrames' Atari label in October in the USA, and will hopefully arrive here in Europe around the same time. Related Feature - Godzilla Melee screenshots

Source - press release

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