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Wireless Catz take on Birds

Wireless RF PS2 controllers continue to grow in number

As we reported a while ago, Logitech plans to release a PlayStation 2 gamepad based on Bluetooth wireless technology later this year, and the controller was shown off at the Bluetooth Congress in June. Yesterday, Californian peripheral manufacturer Mad Catz announced its own competing controller, to replace its previous infrared offerings and compete with the growing number of wireless controllers permeating the market. The Lynx wireless controller relies on radio frequency technology, ala Nintendo's WaveBird controller for GameCube (for which we don't have a European release date yet - sorry). Lynx also shares the ability to function happily alongside other Lynx controllers with WaveBird, and Mad Catz promises up to 50 hours of continuous gameplay on three AA batteries. "Up to," eh? Lynx should prove much easier to play with than its predecessor, and will be available in the US from August 2002 priced $39.99. We suggest - in the absence of similar European announcements - that interested parties consult importers. Related Feature - Logitech spreads its wireless wings on PS2