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Sonic Advance 2 heating up

Sega releases first screenshots of Sonic’s second GBA outing

Sega has released the very first screenshots of Sonic Advance 2, the sequel to the Hedgehog's extremely popular GBA exclusive adventure of earlier this year. We can also see the full complement of characters; Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, each of whom looks pretty detailed - Tails' propeller-movement is in evidence, and Knuckles is busy diving onto a pipe to no doubt perform some aerial insanity. The shots are very reminiscent of the late Mega Drive / Genesis games, with layered background scrolling by the looks of things, pipes to clamber onto, green hill, lava-soaked and .. pink alien-esque environments to run around in. Sonic Advance 2 is expected before the end of the year, and from these shots it would seem that at least three zones are shaping up nicely. Related Feature - Sonic Advance 2 screenshots