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Army Men take to the air on Cube

Who buys these games anyway? Come on, own up!

It seems that the GameCube is set to suffer the same deluge of Army Men games that afflicts every other system, with the announcement today of a second title, just a couple of weeks after Sarge's War was unveiled. Going by the slightly clumsy title of Army Men : Air Combat 'The Elite Missions', the latest game takes your little green plastic soldiers into the skies to engage in some toy helicopter combat. There are five different choppers to get your hands on, each with their own abilities, along with a variety of hidden vehicles such as zeppelins and flying saucers. Although you're flying plastic toys, 3DO are promising "amazing physics" which will be influenced by the wind and the drag of any objects you happen to be towing on your winch at the time. Meanwhile a mixture of scale and full size environments will be on offer to find your way around, including everything from the wild west and a Japanese garden to "your backyard". Going by the current state of my own back garden, this presumably equates to Vietnam. Either that or the land that time forgot. Army Men : Air Combat 'The Elite Missions' is due out this Christmas. Buy one for someone you really hate - it beats a pair of socks. Related Feature - Army Men vanquished, Cube game still coming

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