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Grand Prix 4 gets up to date

Unofficial patch adds 2002 data, cars and tracks

As expected, within days of Geoff Crammond's latest automotive masterpiece Grand Prix 4 hitting the shelves, an unofficial user-made patch is already available to bring the game right up to date. While you're stuck with the 2001 season out of the box, the imaginatively titled GP4Update 2002 does exactly what it says on the webpage, replacing all of the cars, drivers and teams with their 2002 counterparts. Alterations made to Melbourne, Interlagos and Silverstone for this year have also been introduced into the game, complete with new camera points dotted around the modified tracks. And as if all that isn't enough, the update also features new menu backgrounds and loading screens, and claims to offer improved graphics options for GeForce 3 / 4 owners, along with a number of other tweaks and tucks. The 32Mb add-on can be found here on German fan site Related Feature - Grand Prix 4 review