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Sims indulge in heavy petting

Furry friends join long list of Sims lifestyle accessories

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The Sims continue their march towards global domination with the announcement of yet another add-on pack for the best selling PC game of all time. Cunningly titled The Sims Unleashed, its main addition is the introduction of pets. "Just when players thought they had housebroken their Sims, now they have pets to contend with", producer Jonathan Knight quipped. Anything from cats and dogs to parrots and lizards can now be added to your Sim household, and if you're feeling ambitious you can even train your animals to take part in local pet shows. If all of this sounds too much like hard work, you can always kick back and relax in the great outdoors thanks to the new gardening features. Yes, you too can now grow your own vegetables in your backyard and sell them at the local farmer's market. All of which opens up five new career paths and some fifty new jobs for your Sims to experiment with, ranging from cooking and teaching to becoming a vet or .. er .. joining the circus. No, really. There's another 125 objects for budding capitalists and their canines to acquire, a range of new character skins to choose from, and a New Orleans French Quarter theme for those of you wanting to indulge in a little home improvement. The Sims Unleashed is expected in America some time around September, and will no doubt arrive here in Europe soon afterwards. Then there's the Sims Online, Sim City 4, Sims for the PS2...

The Sims, now with added pets

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