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Disney takes TDK for a ride

They’re making films about theme park rides, and TDK is making games about films about theme park rides - understood?

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Disney and TDK Mediactive have formed a global publishing agreement for games based on two forthcoming Disney films, curiously based on some of the corporation's most popular theme park rides. Many people forget that Disney has already delivered one fairly decent theme park game in the shape of the PSone's Magical Racing Tour from Crystal Dynamics. One is more likely to remember the recent GameCube release of competitor Universal Studios' theme park tour, which suffered terribly at the hands of critics when it launched with the Cube in May. The two Disney rides due for a big screen showing are the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean, and under the agreement TDK will support both films with games on "most major videogame platforms". There has been little talk of release dates yet with both films scheduled for 2003, but the release suggests that Haunted Mansion and its interactive counterpart will arrive in time for Halloween.

Source - press release

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