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AquaNox sequel sets sail

Massive Development follows visually spectacular PC adventure with treasure hunt

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Massive Development has begun further massive development of the visually spectacular AquaNox. After the first game put on a disappointing showing earlier this year, on the receiving end of some heavy criticism for its lack of Windows XP support amongst other things, the firm has changed tack for the sequel, AquaNox: Revelation. Set in the year 2666, Revelation tells the tale of a young undersea freighter pilot, William Drake, and how he sets off in search of his ancestor's mythical treasure. Maybe he was related to Sir Francis Drake, although I don't remember if he had any treasure or not. Ho-hum. Obviously things won't be as simple as finding an X on the bottom of the ocean. Ten other treasure hunters have the same objective, and while some will be only too happy to help you, others will not. Revelation will be released for the PC this autumn worldwide, and is said to boast an entirely revamped first person game engine, with new AI and support for more complex models and animations. That said, it seems unlikely that the matter of months involved will have been enough to change the shape of the game convincingly. Either way, we should see a return for the game's stunning underwater lighting effects, and we look forward to that in particular. Related Feature - Aquanox review

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