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Batfish catches Xorb

British developer releases "fiendish" puzzle game

British developers Batfish have launched their new website to coincide with the UK release of Xorb, a bizarre looking puzzle game that seems to be a cross between Connect 4 and Tetris. There's a vague back story about saving alien creatures called xeos, but what it all boils down to is fifty levels of firing odd looking little animals into horizontal columns and trying to link up chains of three or more identical xeos to rescue them. The bigger the chain, the more points you get. There's also a level editor, random map generator and a two player mode to add some replay value. Visually speaking it's fairly basic, but Batfish boss Philip Harris points out that the aim is to "produce games with the emphasis on fun, rather than technology and budgets", and the cartoonish style works well, landing somewhere between Dexter's Laboratory and The Powerpuff Girls. For more screenshots and information about the game, which is now available for £19.95 through Digital Workshop, head over to the Batfish website.

Xorb in action

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