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TOCA Race cars

More in-game footage from Codemasters

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Following on from their recent run of Colin McRae Rally 3 footage, Codemasters have released the first of four short trailers for their other big motor racing game, TOCA Race Driver. Included in the minute long teaser, appropriately titled "Cars", are short clips of in-game action taken from the PlayStation 2 version of the game, showing off some of the vehicles you'll get to drive in the game. The new TOCA will feature 42 cars spread across 13 championships, featuring everything from the classic Mini to more modern offerings from the likes of Peugot, Subaru and Toyota, with 38 real circuits to guide them around. To get a taste of what to expect from the game, head over to Codemaster's website and grab the trailer from the top of the TOCA downloads page in your choice of resolution and format. Related Feature - TOCA Race Driver screenshots (PS2)

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