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Warthog X10s Conspiracy

An original first person shooter, technically

Warthog has signed away the publishing rights to its PC and console first person shooter X10, currently under development, to Conspiracy Entertainment. The publisher has worked with Warthog before in connection with licensed Warner Bros. games, via a joint venture with German publisher SWING! X10 is an original property (something of a rarity these days), but the rest of its vital stats are less exciting. It's due out on PC, Xbox, Cube and PS2 in an unspecified timeframe; it's a first person shooter; and it's supposedly full of "political intrigue, military factions and deadly predators" for our hero to uncover. Worse still, Ubi Soft is currently working on an FPS under the name XIII, so even the name gives you a sense of déjà vu. Unfortunately, the scant details above are all that's available at the moment besides the poor, lonely and unhelpful screenshot that accompanies them. Expect to hear more about X10 in the coming months.


Source - press release