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Gotta Catch Pokemon Advance

Japanese release date confirmed, but what about Europe?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Nintendo of Japan has broken its silence and announced a release date of 21st November 2002 for Pokemon Advance. As is traditional, the game will be made available in two matching versions (usually colour-coordinated), each with a different selection of Pokemon to try and capture. Nobody at Nintendo UK would comment on the game's European release date this morning, but they promised an announcement soon. In Japan, the firm has chosen to promote Pokemon Advance with an entire Pokemon Festival (in place of the abandoned Space World), but European marketing campaigns are likely to be slightly more low-key. A booth at ECTS is a possibility, or a repeat of last year's Nintendo Show. With a number of high profile releases on both Cube and GBA planned for the end of the year and the start of 2003, it would make more sense than not. In related news, to celebrate the release of the new Pokemon movie in Japan on July 13th, The Pokemon Center will be selling a new Pokemon-themed GBA (the blue and pink monstrosity pictured above), at a cost of some 8,800 yen (£48 / €75). If you find yourself in need of such an item for a much-hated relative or something similar, it shouldn't be much of a problem to track it down via importers, but we fear for whichever sproglet you plan to inflict it upon. Please, think of the children. Related Feature - Pokemon Advance screenshots


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