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Breed takes flight

First air combat shots of action game released

If you weren't paying attention, it would be easy to assume that Breed was a fairly straightforward first person shooter. In fact the game also features a range of driveable vehicles, including the much vaunted seamless transition between orbital and atmospheric flight. Today publisher CDV drove home this message with the release of the first screenshots showcasing Breed's flight combat side, with several shots of a strike on a ground target using guided missiles, along with a picture of the same vehicle engaging a carrier in orbit. Just to make sure that there was no confusion, the latest batch of shots also came with a couple of pictures of the dropship in action, and what appears to be an excerpt from an in-game cinematic featuring a pair of armoured marines looking suitably menacing. Breed is expected to find its way on to the PC towards the end of this year, with an Xbox version also tentatively planned. In the meantime, lock your eyes on to this latest dose of eye candy... Related Feature - Breed screenshots

Space : the first screenshot