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Enclave due out this month

Wizards, big pointy sticks and graphics to unhinge your jaw

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Enclave is finally on the verge of appearing in Europe. The offspring of Swedish developer Starbreeze, Enclave was originally envisaged as an online first person shooter to replace the firm's first person RPG, development of which was canned by publisher Infogrames. But, a couple of years later, the game is set for a July 19th release on Xbox, and it calls upon the best of both worlds… in more ways than one. Enclave - which is by definition surrounded by a large community of misfits (hi Munch!) - is a first and third person RPG of the 'action' variety for up to four players, and it concerns a fantasy planet ripped in two by God's wrath, now growing back together again. The idea is that on one side civilisation has blossomed and grown into an Enclave of purity, good will and order, whereas on the other side, a power struggle has thrown the Outlands into the path of tyranny and war, and now the two - light and dark - must settle their differences as they come together. Guess how that one works out… As you may have spotted, the prospect of killing ogres, wizards and all sorts isn't often enough to get us excited, but the visual side of Enclave is stunning. In ten screenshots released today, huge statues of gigantic monsters stand idly by as scenery, the clouds drift past, chainmail hangs lazily and the texturing is sublime. The character modelling in particular is extremely detailed, and we only hope that the end product looks this good, and that the subtlety of texture and model in these undated shots hasn't been squandered. July 19th, then. That's next Friday. You might want to write it down or something. Related Feature - Enclave screenshots

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