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Dark Angel resurrected

Slip into Jessica Alba's tight black costume, on PS2 and Xbox

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James Cameron's stylish TV series Dark Angel might have been culled after just two seasons, but its legacy lives on with the planned November release of a videogame spin-off for the PS2 and Xbox For those of you not familiar with the show, it's set in a near future America struggling through the aftermath of "the pulse", a nuclear explosion in the upper atmosphere which trashed electronics across the continent. At the heart of the story is Max, a genetically engineered super-soldier played by the sultry (or just plain sulky) Jessica Alba. Having escaped from the secret military laboratory that spawned her, she finds herself struggling to evade recapture in the decaying urban sprawl of Seattle, while trying to lead a (relatively) normal life, hold down a job as a bike messenger, track down fellow genetic experiments and save the world. Later episodes introduced a bizarre breeding cult and the "escaped mutant of the week" formula to the mix, but the main reason for watching the show is to see Max running around in a succession of tight black costumes, riding big sexy motorbikes and kicking ass in Hong Kong style wire-work action scenes. Presumably it is this side of the show that the game will be focusing on, although details are decidely thin on the ground at this stage, and Vivendi Universal Games' UK office won't tell us anything beyond the fact that the game exists. Dark Angel was apparently on show in a dimly lit corner of Vivendi's stand at E3, but little information leaked out at the time. What we do know is that it's going to be a third person action-adventure game, and that both Jessica Alba (Max) and Michael Weatherly (Logan) will be providing voice acting for the game. After all, they've got plenty of free time now that the show has been inexplicably canned. The only glimpse we've had of the game for ourselves came when we saw a trailer for it during a press launch for another Vivendi title yesterday. Sadly the footage seemed to be made up almost entirely of cinematics, so pretty much all we can tell you for certain at this point is that it's on the way, and that the cutscenes at least have captured the dark moody atmosphere of the show perfectly. No doubt all will become clear in the next couple of months...

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