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Global Power comes to the UK

Massive strategy game due out in September

British newcomers GMX Media are hoping to land with a bang this summer, thanks to the release of Global Power. Based on the latest publicly released UN and CIA data, it's an epic real world strategy game which lets you control any one of 140 countries, facing a variety of economic, social, political and military problems. Alliances can be made and broken, technology and resources exchanged, foreign countries invaded, spy satellites launched and nuclear weapons proliferated. And while it might not be the most graphically advanced game we've ever seen, GMX are promising flexible AI which will learn as it goes along using a combination of neural networks and expert systems. If that means anything to you. With a September 6th release currently on the cards, we hope to have a better idea of how it's shaping up soon.

England indulges in a little cultural exchange with Denmark. Just don't mention the World Cup.

Source - press release